At Black Robin Design, we create visual brand communications that work harder.

Brand can change everything about a business - how business owners and shareholders view it, how staff feel about it and how past, present and future customers buy from it. In tough economic times, return on investment is more important that ever. Design shouldn't just look attractive, it should deliver tangible benefit to the client's business. Black Robin Design delivers clever, creative brand communications that work hard to deliver on our clients business objectives. Each and every idea we present has been carefully crafted to ensure it delivers a tangible, positive result.

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Director Mary MacGregor-Reid

With 18 years industry experience and having studied Fine Arts and Marketing, Mary understands the value of a creative idea and the need for that idea to help deliver on business objectives. Her ability to understand what affects consumer experience allows her to create designs that don’t just leave an impression, but encourage action. Her specialist expertise in packaging is sought after by clients who want a shelf presence that sells.

Mary’s philosophy is that a complete understanding of the client’s business, brand and objectives will ultimately lead to a better result. In keeping with that, she has developed comprehensive briefing processes that ensure the essence of the business and its objectives are captured before a project is started.